The He Ha Story is Surat’s happiest and largest Flea Festival!Β 
To celebrate creativity at its best; Artists, Mavericks, Designers, Musicians & Chefs, Facilitators, all will come together and showcase their out-of-the-box knack on a wide range of subjects and spread across inspiration and wonder throughout the festivity! πŸ¦„
With mouth watering grubs, aesthetic home grown brands, Live at the live arena, Stories at the tribes arena, and so much more, we have plenty of surprises for each one of you! πŸ’ƒπŸ›πŸ”

Story Behind Our Name

Building a tribe of happy & like minded individuals who heart aesthetic art, cosmic vibes, eclectic music and everything fun!


Profile Picture

Ayush Marodia

Meow Meow

Aditi Agarwal