Terms & Condition


The Vendor(s) agree/agrees to abide with the terms and conditions of this agreement while participating in AM Squared event “THE HE HA STORY” upon stall(s) booking payment of the rental for the specified stall.


    1. Vendor/Vendors” refers to the applicant(s) who rents a stall space at the event. “Organizer” refers to AM SQUARED who is the Organizer of the Event. “Event” refers to the “THE HE HA STORY” organized by AM SQUARED.
  1. RENTAL:
    1. A rental fee per Stall Space shall be collected by Organizer upon acceptance of this contract. Stall rental(s) are strictly non-refundable unless stated otherwise.


    1. Vendor(s) are only allowed to setup their stall(s) one day prior to the event.
    2. Vendor(s) must set up the stalls completely and entirely by 3 pm on the day of the event. No extra time shall be provided to any vendor(s).
    3. Vendor(s) must start packing up at least half an hour before the pack up of the event.
    4. Vendor(s) who do not show up upon confirmation notice from the organizer at the flea market will lose their booking amount as well as the entire amount paid for the stall(s).
    5. Vendor(s) will receive confirmation of stall through an e-mail specified by the organizer. Stalls will only be allotted to those who produce a copy of the confirmation e-mail.


    1. Vendor(s) are requested to refer to the AM squared allocation policy” for each event and adhere to it.
    2. Reasonable space between stalls has to be maintained at all times. Stock and/or empty crates/boxes/luggage, etc. must not be stored outside the stall at any time during or after the event.
    3. Sharing of stalls is strictly prohibited and the Organizer reserves the right to entry of such persons who do not have a confirmation e-mail for allocation of stall(s).
    4. Vendor(s) are not allowed to bring their own tables or extensions, chairs, stools, etc. Additional chair(s) could  be  rented  at 200 per  day  per  chair while additional table(s)  could  be  rented  at 500 per  day.  However any such requirement should be communicated with the Organizer in writing.
    5. Vendor(s) found to have taken extra  tables and/or chairs apart from the number of registered stalls  with the Organizer; will be subject to a fine of twice the stall rate of the stated event.



If cancellation is made before these days :

    1. Cancellation before 45 days of the flea = 80% of the total amount paid.
    2. Cancellation before 30 days of the flea = 50% of the total amount paid.
    3. Cancellation before 15 days of the flea = 25% of the total amount paid.
    4. 20% booking amount is non – refundable.


    1. Organizer reserves the right to change the venue, date of event at any point of time deemed necessary but with prior notice and consideration.
    2. Organizer reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions with prior notice to the Vendor(s).
    3. Organizer reserves the right to reject any application based on its absolute sole discretion without assigning any reasons.
    4. Vendors are restricted from disclosing any conversation or price issued. If found guilty they would be held liable for breach of the non – disclosure policy and would be treated under the legal team of AM SQUARED.
    5. Organizer reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately by notice in writing to the Vendor providing reasonable reason for the same. Such termination shall not prejudice the rights and liabilities of either party against the other for any breach of this Contract.


    1. Vendors are bound to comply with all applicable laws and regulations managed  by  the legal  team of AM SQUARED (including but is not limited to any item that breaches the intellectual property rights of any third party); any item [including but not limited to cosmetics, food and drinks etc.] that requires the prior approval of the relevant licensing authorities, such as NEA, and for which prior approval have not been obtained; any dangerous, offensive, pornographic or illegal items; any form of alcohol. Counterfeit goods are strictly not allowed.


    1. Vendor(s) undertake to act in the best interest of Organizer at all times and shall not do or permit anything that may damage or prejudice the reputation of Organizer or bring Organizer into disrepute.


    1. Vendor(s) are hereby given notice to conduct its business at the Facility in a professional manner so as not to give cause for complaints from occupants of the building or the public and to ensure that the image of Organizer is not adversely affected. Vendor(s) shall respect the health and safety of fellow Vendor(s). No acts or threats of physical and/or verbal violence against another person  (including sexual violence), disorderly conduct, and/or possession of dangerous articles (such as firearms, explosive materials, etc.) are allowed.


    1. No properties within the venue shall be moved or to be shifted unless prior approval given by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the rights to report incident(s) of theft to the Police and it shall be dealt with under laws and regulations formulated by the legal team of AM SQUARED.
    2. In the event of any loss/removal/damage caused to the venue and its furnishings/fixtures, Vendor(s)  will be held liable for the loss, removal or damage and shall pay Organizer such sums as Organizer may determine for the loss or damage caused to the aforesaid.


    1. Vendor(s) shall not affix or otherwise exhibit or place on passageways, tents, bridge, pillars the surrounding ground or any part thereof any name-plate, signboard, placard, poster, banner or advertising material or offensive publications or any goods or articles or the like whatsoever for the purposes of any public announcement or which may contravene any statute or regulations  or  which may expose Organizer to any fine or penalty by reason thereof. Vendor(s) shall be held fully responsible and liable to pay the full fine or penalty caused to the aforesaid.
    2. Vendor(s) are to adhere to the allocated stall space, unless prior approval is given by the Organizer to  use any other space.


    1. Vendor(s) are allowed to place their goods or property overnight in the venue after operation hours and the Organizer shall take responsibility for it. For the avoidance of doubt, under no circumstances will  the Vendor(s) hold Organizer responsible for any personal injuries, damage, lost or  defacement  of goods or property on display occurring, during, before or after the event, no matter how it was caused.
    2. In the event the Vendor(s) want(s) to leave the goods/property overnight, the goods or property must   be stored in luggage bags /boxes with a chain and lock and covered it with a canvas sheet.
    3. The Organizer will not be held liable and/or responsible for any injuries, illness and/or death that occurred before and/or after and/or during the event.
    4. The Organizer is not responsible for poor sales or bad response during any of our flea events.


    1. Vendor(s) are hereby given notice event that electricity will be provided unless otherwise stated.


    1. Vendor(s) would be provided cleaning services on all days during the flea, and request to co-operate  with the service team and take self-precautionary measures.
    2. Use of all kinds of plastic bags, irrespective of their thickness, plastic tea cups, glasses, thermocol glasses, thermocol used for decoration, plastic items used in hotels to parcel food like boxes, spoons etc. are banned under the prohibition of plastic act. Anyone found breaching the above condition will be held liable and will also be subjected to government fine. The organizer reserves the right to entry to anyone found guilty.


    1. One complimentary four wheeler parking and two complimentary two-wheeler parking  will  be  provided at the event unless stated otherwise.


    1. All notices, demands, requests or approvals shall only be sent through following email address as mentioned by the Organizer.


  1. TAXES
    1. Vendor(s) shall pay any and all taxes upon personal property and improvements belonging to said Vendor(s) and upon its possessory interests, if any, and Vendor(s) shall pay all sales and other taxes levied against the operation of said business during the Event.


In the event of failure to abide by any of the above Terms and Conditions, will result in the bearing of compensation, penalties and/or  legal fees resulted from the violation, removal of the Vendor(s) from  the event with no refund and/or imposement of a permanent ban.